Windows 10 RS1 Build 14291 Official ISO Download

Windows 10 RS1 Build 14291

Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with a lot of similarities to Windows 7, including the Start menu. It starts and resumes faster, has more extra safety to help stay safe, and is designed to work with the software and hardware you already have. So why be late? Get Windows 10 final version of the devices today


Windows 10 RS1 Build 14291 Official ISO Download

Windows 10 RS1 Build 14291 Official ISO Download


  1. Windows 10: They want list
  2. Add tabs to Windows Explorer / File Explorer
  3. Windows Update do a one stop shop for all drivers
  4. Kill all-Aero theme objects
  5. Bring back Aero Glass!
  6. Persian calendar
  7. NADA Pin to Start Menu
  8. A new Notepad
  9. Remixing the mixer volume
  10. drag and drop applications between virtual desktops

What’s new Build 14291

Home and Cortana
Cortana can now provide turn by turn directions with the new Maps app
Edge has been updated from version 31.14279 to 34.14291
Edge now supports extensions
Extensions can now add an icon to the address bar
Tokens can be fixed on the tab bar
The address bar now supports “Paste and go”
The address bar now supports “Paste and search”
When the window narrows again, the button Hub, Web Sharing Notes and will appear in the menu ellipses as icons instead of text
The filling between the URL bar and Hub-icon is a little bigger
Edge now supports VP9 behind a banner
Windows now has a Japanese kana keyboard with one hand
Canvas text entry has a new Japanese aligned mode
Alarms and watches the application can use a selector time online
Maps of Windows has been redesigned
The Comments Windows application has been removed
The privileged application has been renamed Hub Hub votes and now can process Comments

Fixed problems

The design of the system tray no longer interrupted by allowing “Always show all icons in the notification area”
Connecting to Wi-Fi networks using older WEP encryption is no longer broeken
The toolbar “Search page” now always shows its first on-screen button for 8-inch devices
Resolves an issue where the notification area would show the USB icon old when the units are expelled
Resolves an issue that caused a Suggested edge search to result in a URL for search as the search string

Windows 10 Pro 32-BIT (2.8 GB) / Mirror

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Windows 10 Enterprise 32-BIT (2.7 GB) / Mirror

Windows 10 Enterprise 64-BIT (3.6 GB) / Mirror (Recommended)

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