Cross FTP Enterprise 1.9 Cracked PC Software

Cross FTP Enterprise 1.9 Cracked PC Software

Cross FTP Enterprise

Cross FTP Enterprise is a powerful FTP, FTPS, SFTP, FXP, WebDav, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, and Google Storage client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Compared with CrossFTP Pro, it further features CrossFTP Commander, site-local-site transfer and Email notifications to automate your data sync/migration between any sites and protocols.

CrossFTP its traditional two-pane browser-like user interface is easy to learn and use. Multi-tabs design facilitates you to manage and connect multiple FTP sites simultaneously in one single window. It is capable of transfer, queue, schedule, synchronize, mirror, job management, with the speed be boosted by turbo mutli-threaded engine. CrossFTP’s powerful engine solves your file transfer problems.



What’s New ?

  • Fix to avoid welcome popups on some SFTP sites.
  • Fix the license issue on CrossFTP command line tool.
  • Improve the launch speed.
  • Tabs: Many site connections inside one window.
  • Password Encryption: Protect your site’s password safe by encryption.
  • Archives: compress, extract, and browse archives.
  • Internalization: Unicode, CJK and international encoding support.
  • Quick Search: Narrow a long list of files in a flash.
  • Web Search: Search item on web by one click.
  • Batch Transfer: Drag a number of files and go!
  • Previews with Zoom: Smoothly zoom and preview.
  • Sound & Event Notifier: Sound notify or command execution on events.
  • Favorites: Convenient favorites and history information.


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CrossFTP Enterprise 1.97.8 For Linux (5.6 MB) | Mirror

CrossFTP Enterprise 1.97.8 Portable For All OS (52.2 MB) | Mirror

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